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‘Live-In-Venice’ Will Share City Secrets…

By Rick

May 7, 2021

Live-In-Venice live-streamed event will share city secrets with the world

  • Live-In-Venice will take place between 17-23 May 2021
  • Over 70 interviews and events live-streamed on Facebook, Vimeo and the event website
  • Interviews with artisans, art galleries and museums, fashion designers, restaurant owners and more

Live-In-Venice will be a jam-packed week-long extravaganza of live-streamed interviews and events from the iconic city of Venice. From 17-23 May 2021, local reporters will be meeting fashion designers, artisans, gallery owners, performers and local business owners. The whole week of interviews, meetings and events will be live-streamed on Facebook, Vimeo and the Live-In-Venice website from 11 am to 8 pm.

“Live-In-Venice is set to be the biggest ever live-streamed event from the city,” says co-organizer Monica Cesarato, a local food and travel blogger and culinary instructor. Those following the event online will have the opportunity to get an insider look at iconic crafts like gondola-making, glass-blowing and mask design.

But they will also meet a cornucopia of other businesses they never knew existed like the designer behind Elton John’s eccentric glasses, one of the last bead stringers in Venice, or the bookshop that’s frequently underwater. Each day will focus on one or two different themes: Fashion, Artisans, Art & Culture, Murano, Boats, Carnival, Performing Arts, Food & Drink and Kids.   

The aim is to give viewers an in-depth look at a city that visitors all too often only scrape the surface of. Cesarato says, “It is a way to show that Venice is not just the iconic monuments, but most importantly its people.” There are only around 50,000 residents left in Venice, but they remain the beating heart of the historic city. Their workshops and businesses are often hidden away down side streets, off the beaten track, but they are well worth taking the time to seek out. “People need to stay more than two days to really appreciate the city,” adds Cesarato.

Those interested in following along for the week can register for events or follow the Facebook page for updates and watch the live-streamed interviews.

The event is a collaboration between Sofa Tours, an expert company for virtual live experiences located in Germany, and a team of talented, diverse professionals with significant industry experience in the world of tourism and Venice.

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