May 11


My Cheap Italian Home with Michelle and Kristina – FCI 045

By Rick

May 11, 2021

My Cheap Italian Home … I first discovered this resource on Instagram and I knew right away that I needed to interview the two women responsible on my podcast. After being holed-up in my Florida townhouse for the last 14+ months due to the coronavirus, my dreams of returning to Italy grow more vivid every day.

Today I’m speaking with Michelle and Kristina from My Cheap Italian Home. So what makes my (and YOUR) dreams even more exciting, is that their website, Instagram, and most of all, newsletter, puts these dreams within reach. In other words, cheap. Cheap enough for most anyone to afford. 

My Cheap Italian Home

Michelle and Kristina started My Cheap Italian Home during the thick of the pandemic, and now it has organically found a small life of its own. Their Instagram account has about 40k followers now, and a worldwide community of subscribers. Here's a taste...

But the REAL fun is their weekly newsletter. I'll let them explain:

We want to help Italy lovers create their dream and feel like they are more connected to Italy. We are super interactive with our subscribers, and they really look to us as their friends in Italy. They know they will get genuine advice from us while also having lots of fun. Like a mini vacation to Italy delivered weekly to their inbox!"

Listen to our conversation here on the my website (above), or in your favorite podcast player. Some of our talking points:

  • How/why did you start this business?
  • What’s included in the weekly newsletter?
  • What about all of those articles about the $1 houses?
  • What are your criteria for selecting properties to be featured?
  • What should people watch out for?
  • How has the housing market in Italy changed during this Covid period?
  • Are there any new “hot” areas that everyone is talking about?

Michelle & Kristina

Cheap Italian Home michelle

Michelle ‧ Interior Designer

Cheap Italian Home logo

My professional background has always been in interior design. When my husband and I met we found we shared the same passion for finding old beautiful homes that so desperately needed a new life.

And over the years I am proud to say we have loved and saved more homes than I can count. From beach houses on the Gulf of Mexico to old colonials in New England, even a 16th century monastery in Ireland.

We have been off and on in Italy for over 10 we are fulltime in Tuscany and it is magnificent.

Cheap Italian Home kristina

Kristina ‧ Property Manager

Cheap Italian Home logo

23 years ago I came to Italy from Australia for a break after a long stint in Corporate IT. I was tired, stressed and burnt out at just 27.
As the date to leave Italy was looming and being a dual citizen, I decided to stay. Just like that.

I have been mainly in property management since arriving and started buying and restoring investment properties about 5 years ago.

I now assist foreigners in my area of Arezzo in finding, purchasing and restoring their homes in Italy. As Michelle always tells me, I’m the girl that makes things happen.

A big GRAZIE to Michelle and Kristina from My Cheap Italian Home! And as a "grazie" to my listeners, they were kind enough to offer a discount for their newsletter. 

And if you want more audio content, click the link to check out other episodes and see my list of the best podcasts about Italy.


Michelle and Kristina have created a code for me: RICKZULLO10

10% off monthly and yearly subscriptions. 

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