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Christmas in Italy
Well, it’s that time of year again, and so our COSI group of expat bloggers figured some seasonally relevant information would[...]
Italian Pop Music
Italians do many things very well.  The perfectly tailored suit, the high-performance automobile, and undoubtedly the best food in the[...]
Happy Hour in Rome
In the United States, we do not discriminate when it comes to enjoying our favorite alcoholic beverages. We consume Russian[...]
How a family of five spent 40 days in Italy on a budget
One of the themes that I return to often on my blog concerns the connection between Italian-Americans and the culture[...]
Americans Living in Italy
I came across a discussion a couple weeks ago in a Facebook Group called Americans Living in Italy. There was nothing[...]
What to Drink in Italy Beyond the Wines
Everybody knows that Italians drink more wine per capita than any other population in the world. While this is true, there are also a[...]
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FCI 035 – Italian Pronunciation Guide
Make no mistake, learning a foreign language as an adult is NOT easy. Luckily, there are some aspects of the[...]
FCI 034 – Unique Rome Tours with Beth from Select Italy
OK, so if you’ve been to Rome once or twice already, you might be looking for some unique Rome tours[...]
FCI 033 – Digging up Roots in the Boot with Laura Watson
During the summer of 2010, I took a trip back to my “ancestral village” in the remote mountains of Molise,[...]

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