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The circle of English-speaking bloggers in Italy is pretty tight, so when I wanted to gain some authoritative advice on the food scene, I simply contacted a few of my food blogger friends. These contributors are all true experts in the world of Italian gastronomy, so don’t visit Italy without reading their restaurant advice. (Yours truly is merely the editor of this guide.)


Obviously, one can’t learn an entire language in a week or two. But you can learn enough to enrich your travel experience, or ignite your enthusiasm onto bigger and better goals--which is exactly what I’d like to do with my “short and sweet” email course. Learn just enough of Dante's language to help you survive your next vacation in Italy.


As I point out in this introduction to this guide, nobody has ever mistaken an insurance salesman from Hoboken for Marcello Mastroianni. Still, it’s nice to at least try to channel the inborn knowledge of our Italian friends when it comes to making a bella figura. Listen, I’m no fashion guru. But at least I can help you avoid making some of the most common mistakes.


permesso di soggiorno

This one is for anybody who dreams of actually living in Italy for an extended time, but is put off by the insurmountable bureaucratic hurdles.  My guide gives you step-by-step instructions (with translations) for achieving this lofty goal. In bocca al lupo!

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I've always loved Italy and Italian culture, and writing about it is how I express my affection. (Occasionally, it's also how I express my frustrations.) Ultimately the goal of my writing is to make Italy more accessible to a curious, English-speaking audience. I hope you enjoy my personal take on the Bel Paese.

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