Don’t Let “Tourist Restaurants” Ruin Your Italian Vacation!

A Journey Through Four Food Regions


Authentic Italian restaurants in Rome

One of the challenges to finding a good restaurant in Rome is that there are just too many options. This is especially true within the historical center where they are all fighting ferociously for every tourist Euro. Yet even among this circus, there are hidden gems.

The Amalfi Coast

Authentic Italian restaurants in Amalfi Coast

The food in this part of Italy is generally on the lighter side with an emphasis on vegetables and  seafood ingredients. Equally delicious is the setting itself. Somehow even a simple pizza tastes better when you’re gazing upon the blue waters of the bay.

Florence & Tuscany

Authentic Italian restaurants in Florence

Tuscany brings to mind the hearty bounty of rustic food paired with heavenly wines. Even the word “Tuscan” has found a freakish marketing power outside of Italy. Consequently, Tuscany has been the regional cuisine most misrepresented abroad.


Authentic Italian restaurants in Venice

Why is it so hard to find a good place to eat in Venice? Part of the issue might be the surge of tourists every day, many of whom are only in town for a few hours. It is essential to have some insider knowledge in Venice when it comes to finding the best traditional cuisine.

Don't Take A Chance!

It’s not as easy as you’d think to find a good restaurant in Italy. Tourist traps abound, and even if you stumble upon an authentic trattoria, how would you know what to order?

This Italy restaurant guide, written by the country’s top English-speaking food bloggers, will help you feel more secure in your choices. After all, what could be more tragic than a bad meal while on your Italian vacation?

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