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Eating Healthy While Traveling – FCI 042

By Rick

October 21, 2020

There’s a strange paradox when it comes to eating healthy while traveling in Italy. The variety of incredible food is so enticing that you must wonder how Italians stay so trim. As for the traveler, if you’re only visiting for a week or two, there’s a powerful temptation to overindulge in all the delicious abundance. But still, given all that, you often hear of people returning from a trip to Italy actually having lost 5-10 pounds. What gives?

It's a lot to unpack, and thankfully I have an expert guest on my podcast that helps me make sense of it. Her name is Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego and she’s a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders. Not only that, she's now a lover of Italy travel following a memorable trip back to "the old country" to see some of her Italian relatives. 

As to the puzzle of why people actually lose weight while traveling in Italy, it’s pretty simple when you break it down. Healthier food, smaller portions, less access to constant snacking. In many locations, it’s nearly impossible to find something to eat at say 4:00 in the afternoon, should a craving hit you. Not to mention, most people on an Italian vacation do a lot more walking than they’re used to back home. 

Eating Healthy While Traveling in Italy

I'd rather starve. Anything served by airline can barely be called food, in my book.

Here are just a few things we touched on:

  • Airplane strategy for eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.
  • Hotel vs. Airbnb (with your own kitchen)
  • European hotel breakfasts – an invitation to start each day with a buffet feast
  • How much is appreciating the local culture through its culinary traditions vs. an excuse for over-indulging?
  • On the other hand, is it really a vacation if you’re “worried” about your diet the entire time?

About Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego

Dr. Ortigara Crego earned her Doctorate in Addiction Psychology, is a Clinical Psychotherapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Certified Addiction Professional, and Licensed National Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, who has worked in the weight loss industry for well over two decades. Dr. Lisa combines the use of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to create long term success in weight loss management and an understanding of food addiction.

Her pioneering practice can help you reach your goals. Explore with her why you eat what you eat. Understand why food can cause your moods to swing, your cravings to soar, your weight to increase, your self-esteem to plummet, and your fatigue to rage.

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Lisa Ortigara Crego

licensed clinical psychotherapist

Speaker, writer, licensed clinical psychotherapist, PhD in addiction psychology, eating disorder professional, hypnotherapist changing the view about compulsive eating one addict at a time.


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