Digital Marketing Services in Italy for English Language Clients

Running a Small Business is Hard. 
Even more so in Italy.

I can help you stand out from the crowd.

American Expat, 

Italy Insider

For over five years now, I’ve maintained one of the most popular English-language websites on the topics of Italy travel destinations and Italian culture. Indeed, my website won the top honors from Italy Magazine in both 2014 and 2015. I've also been a featured speaker on the topic of Tourism in Italy.

One of the reasons for my success is that I’ve been able to “translate” Italy for an English-speaking audience in an honest voice that informs and entertains my readers, while at the same time celebrating Italy’s cultural treasures and timeless romantic appeal.

That's what people see, read, and hear. But what goes on behind the scenes is where the magic really happens...


A Conversion-focused Platform

It's not enough to just have a website. An effective site can be your best salesperson if it's optimized for user experience and audience engagement.

Content Marketing Strategy

"Content is King," is the buzz phrase of the day. But random content with no thought to an overall strategy wastes a lot of time. Don't make that mistake.

Connecting All the Dots 

Content, Social, SEO, and Paid Traffic. They can all work, but are much more powerful when working together in sync instead of independent of one another.


In addition to creating a high-performing platform for you, I can give you a "launch boost" by featuring your business on my own award-winning Italy blog, podcast, and social media channels.

​Featured Blog Article

Rick's Italy

​The Fatal Charm of Italy Podcast

The Fatal Charm of Italy Podcast

​Social Media Channels

Data-Driven Marketing. No Guessing.

Everybody believes that they have great marketing ideas. But there's only one way to really find out, and that's repeated A/B (split) testing of your target audience. It's the "secret sauce" for scaling your business. I will demonstrate the tools to help you efficiently automate this process that will QUICKLY grow your business.

It’s tough for owners/operators to run their business and do the marketing on the side. Understandably, very few do a good job as a result. Most have social profiles and a halfway decent website—but they’re not using them effectively. That’s what I do.  I put online platforms in sync so that they actually drive sales instead of just taking up time!

Timing is everything. A smart launch strategy can help you gain momentum in a short time. Come out with a bang and you'll extend the reach of your message exponentially. (See graph example)

increased website traffic due to Internet Marketing in Italy

An actual client

Let me send you a quick, personalized (and FREE!) report of your current platform.  Here's what I'll cover:

  • A critique of your site's visual appeal from a UX perspective.
  • Testing of your site's speed and domain authority.
  • Your social media profiles as compared to "best practices."
  • A quick audit of your copywriting from an SEO mindset.
  • Accounting of miscellaneous items like email capture and tracking pixels.
  • Finally, the degree of "interconnectedness" of all the above.
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