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Running a small business is hard, even more so in Italy. But the marketing can be surprisingly simple when you focus on a few actions that produce the most reliable results.

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Many try to complicate digital marketing. I always start with the solid fundamentals and then build from there based on what the data tells us. Don't guess, let your customers guide you. 

  • Results oriented from Day One. Let's define what success looks like for your business.
  • A customized solution, nothing generic.
  • Open communication. You are welcome to participate (or not) as much as you like. Either way, I will always keep you informed. 

"Working with Rick was a great experience from beginning to end. The channels of communication remained wide open throughout the entire set up and launch of my website, and Rick immediately responded to all of my concerns and requests. There was so much new information to learn, and I could count on Rick to provide support and steer me down the right path. He listens to what I wanted, and delivered it ahead of schedule."

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Here’s what I do: to learn more about your target audience, I start off with a simple digital marketing funnel to capture leads and engage potential customers. This means driving traffic from social media and/or search to a conversion-focused landing page. I then use the data and feedback that we collect during the initial campaigns to inform the strategy going forward. Once we have this flow optimized, then we can add in additional advertising platforms, both digital and traditional.

Rick Zullo, Italy "Insider"

For over eight years now, I’ve maintained one of the most popular English-language websites on the topics of Italy travel destinations and Italian culture. 

One of the reasons for my success is that I’ve been able to “translate” Italy for an English-speaking audience in an honest voice that informs and entertains my readers, while at the same time celebrating Italy’s cultural treasures and timeless romantic appeal.

That's what people see, read, and hear. But what goes on behind the scenes is where the magic really happens...

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Let's have a totally FREE, no-obligation chat to tell you more about how I can help your business grow. My goal is to bring you value from the get-go. If I can  offer you some cost-free advice, then that's a good start! If you decide to work with me beyond that, I will always strive to ensure that your return on investment will be worth it.


In addition to creating a high-performing campaign for you, I can give you a "launch boost" by featuring your business on my own award-winning Italy blog, podcast, and social media channels.

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Copywriting Excellence

When I ask him for help to improve my content, he always knows just what to do. He is both a trusted professional, and a trusted friend.

Destination Marketing

We had the pleasure to work with Rick last season and we really appreciated his great professionalism! His posts on social networks, the podcast, and the articles he wrote both on his website on our own blog were really successful.

Laura Genealogy

Internet Marketing in Italy

Working with Rick was a great experience from beginning to end. He listens to what I wanted, and delivered it ahead of schedule.