Rome to the Amalfi Coast Itinerary

September 25 - October 3, 2021

What makes for a great trip to Italy?
What would an "ideal" itinerary look like?

While living in Rome, I came to a deeper appreciation for this alluring country. The small details of daily life, the cultural curiosities, and the subtle joys found in the most routine tasks.

At the same time, I have enough practical contact as a “tourist” to understand what makes for a great Italian experience in a limited time. Before I was an expat, I was a typical American traveler without much knowledge of Italy beyond the stereotypes.

By combining these two perspectives, I feel that I have a great sense of what that perfect trip would be.

In our daily lives, we look for work/life balance.
The same idea should be applied to a vacation...

It means finding the ideal pace. Il tempo giusto, as the Italians would say, the "right tempo" of life; or vacation, in this case.

On a tour of Italy, this is achieved by combining spectacular sight-seeing with the time to relax and take it all in. Some space to discover your own personal relationship with Italy without missing any of the incredible sites, monuments, and historic treasures.

Because seriously, Italy wouldn't be Italy if encountered at a frenzied pace. Sure, the drivers in Rome are pazzi (crazy), but in general, the Italians make a deliberate effort to slow down and enjoy life. So should we, especially on vacation.


September 25 - October 3, 2021

DAY 1:  On an Evening in Roma...

Benvenuti in Italia! Welcome to Italy... let's get acquainted. We will start with a walking tour in the historic center to see many of the famous monuments, squares, and sites of this Caput Mundi. 

Later in the evening we will have a relaxing dinner in a typical Roman trattoria. We'll do the full dining experience, from antipasti, to traditional Roman pasta dishes, to the main course, and (obviously) accompanied by local wine from the nearby Castelli Romani.

Included meals: dinner

DAY 2:  Explore the Ancient Empire

This day starts with a tour of the Colosseum. We will learn what it was like to be a gladiator in ancient Rome. Later, we will walk through the Forums, the hub of the ancient city, to get a feel for the every day life of a Roman.

After a great lunch, you will have a few options. Either join us to visit a few hand-selected locations around Rome, or take off on your own to explore this endlessly appealing city. We can offer other suggestions, as well, including some of the more hidden gems of the Eternal City.

Included meals: breakfast, lunch

DAY 3: Visit to the Vatican - Stop in the Castelli Romani

First we'll start with a visit to The Vatican Museums, including the heart-stopping finale: the Sistine Chapel with its famous frescoes by Michelangelo. Immediately after, we will go inside the world's largest cathedral, Saint Peter's Basilica. 

Then we're almost ready to get on the road towards the Amalfi Coast. But along the way we'll make a stop in a hilltown of the Castelli Romani, just outside of Rome, for a wonderful lunch at a typical restaurant, followed by a lovely passeggiata through the village.

Then we will arrive in Sorrento and check into our hotel. Dinner will be a real treat at a restaurant that specializes in seafood (other options available).

Included meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

DAY 4: The Maritime Republic of Amalfi

The Maritime Republic of Amalfi, along with Venice, Genoa, and Pisa, were the naval powers of Italy, controlling trade in the Mediterranean. The modern day town still gives us a glimpse back at this proud tradition. 

You will have some free time to wander the historic streets, and browse at quaint shops selling local artisan crafts, before meeting back up for a wonderful group lunch.

On our way back to Sorrento, we will stop in the picturesque seaside resort town of Positano, where will have plenty of time to explore and shop before settling in for a wonderful beach-view restaurant for dinner. 

Included meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

DAY 5: Live Like an Italian: Shopping, Cooking, Eating!

We're back at our home base, where you can sleep in a bit, have a wonderful cappuccino at the hotel, and then head out to stroll the little cobblestone alleyways, in search of treasures. Hopefully by now you're fully channeling your inner Italian, enjoying every small moment of pleasure. 

After lunch, we'll visit a limoncello shop to sample this local digestive in all its colors and flavors. Then we'll head to an olive oil mill, where they still press the fruit the old fashioned way, producing the best olive oil you can find anywhere.

Finally, we'll go to cooking school where we'll "work" for our dinner, then enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Included meals: breakfast, dinner

DAY 6: The Glamorous Isle of Capri

Ah, Capri! Now this is really the height of Mediterranean bliss. At once a humble fishing village, and at the same time the most chic destination in all of Italy. There are also Roman ruins to see, and some outstanding dining options. You'll have some free time to explore.

We will take the funicular in Anacapri to the top of a mountain for the best view on the entire Amalfi Coast.

For dinner, let's have a pizza! But this is not the pizza you've had back home. This is the birthplace of the famous dish, and you'll get to enjoy it in its original magnificence!

Included meals: breakfast, dinner

DAY 7: Mozzarella, Greek Ruins, and Wine Tasting!

Did you know that the best Mozzarella is made from buffalo milk? Of course you did, but today we will actually meet these gentle creatures and sample their coveted products.

Next, we'll stop at Paestum to see some wonderfully preserved ruins left behind by the original Greek settlers to the area.

And no visit to Italy would be complete without a good wine tasting. We'll stop at a local winery and learn from the producer what makes this region so conducive to fine wines.

Included meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner 

DAY 8: The Roman Village of Pompeii

Trembling beneath the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, the Roman outpost of Pompeii was buried under hot ash from a violent eruption in 79 A.D. Left behind was the largely intact remains of a small city, well-preserved by the lava, and excavated for us to witness. 

After our visit, we're on our way back to Rome, where we'll check into our hotel, relax, and then meet up later for a final celebratory feast, Roman style. Let's keep this going as long as possible!

Included meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

DAY 9: Arrivederci Roma!

Oh, no. Well, we knew it had to end sooner or later. But you'll wake up in your wonderful hotel and have one more fabulous Italian breakfast before packing your bags to check out. 

Depending on the time of your flight, you might still have part of the day to explore a little more. We're happy to make some suggestions, or even accompany you, as time allows.

There is also the option to add on a quick trip Florence or a small Tuscan village if you like. Contact us for details.

Included meals: breakfast only

Optional Trip Extensions

Have you ever wanted to explore the wonders of the Florentine Renaissance? Or take a deep-dive into the wine region of Chianti? If you're a serious foodie, you might enjoy tasting your way through Bologna, Modena, and Parma. How about an evening at the opera?

The possibilities are endless. Just write me an email ([email protected]) and we can discuss a custom itinerary for you. 


The Details

  • What is included ?
  • important info !
  • 3 Nights in Rome + 5 Nights in Sorrento.  A total of 9 Days & 8 Nights (departing the US on Friday and returning on Sunday). This tour begins and ends in Rome, which will give you more options for booking your flights. 
  • The total cost is $4,950 per person, double occupancy. This does not include airfare or airport transfers.
  • A small group of 6 - 12 travelers, plus you will be assisted by a professional, English-speaking tour leader, and a knowledgeable host (that’s me!)  
  • Private Walking Tours by locally licensed, highly knowledgeable, English-speaking City Guides.
  • Private Transportation in air-conditioned Mercedes vans (does not include transfer from and to the airport).
  • Meals included: all buffet breakfasts, 5 lunches, 7 dinners. That means that you'll have time to do some exploring on your own, as well. We're happy to give you some direction, or you can just wander and discover your own hidden gems!
  • Beverages included with group lunches and dinners: bottled water, soft drinks, coffee/tea, and 2 glasses of wine per person (choice of red or white). 
  • Destinations included: Rome, Anagni, Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Pompeii, Paestum (itinerary & destinations may vary on time of year and weather conditions.)
  • Customer Service We want to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible. My guides and I will assist you with any additional services you may need, and answer any questions you may have before or during your trip.
  • Taxes & Fees: INCLUDED in the price are all local VAT taxes and government fees, city taxes, gasoline, highway tolls, city access licenses and permits, and parking fees.
  • Staff & restaurant tips are included (additional gratuities can be given at the sole discretion of each individual traveler).

*What's Not Included in Tour Package

Trip price does not include airfare, transfers to and from the airport, and anything else that is not specified above as "What's Included." Price does not include any personal related expenses or other travel-related expenses.

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