​Experience Italy ​The Way ​It Should Be

​​But with all the options, how do you choose?

Ciao! My name is Rick and I’m an American splitting my time between Rome and the U.S.

What makes for a great trip to Italy?

What would an "ideal" itinerary look like?

While living in Rome, I came to a deeper appreciation for this alluring country​. The small details of daily life, the cultural curiosities, and the subtle joys found in the most routine tasks. ​

At the same time, ​I have enough practical contact as a “tourist” to understand what makes for a great Italian experience in a limited time. Before I was an expat, I was a typical American traveler without much knowledge of Italy beyond the stereotypes.

​By combining these two perspectives, I feel that I have a great sense of what that perfect trip would be.

In our daily lives, we look for work/life balance.

The same idea should be applied to a vacation...

So​ instead of work/life balance, let's call it touring/free-time balance. It means finding the ideal pace. Il tempo giusto, as the Italians would say, the "right tempo" of life​; or vacation, in this case.

​​On a tour of Italy, this is achieved by ​combining spectacular sight-seeing ​with the time to relax and take it all in.​ Some space to discover your own personal relationship with Italy without missing any of the incredible sites, monuments, and historic treasures.

​B​ecause seriously, Italy wouldn't be Italy if encountered at a frenzied pace. Sure, the drivers in Rome are pazzi (crazy), but in general, the Italians make a deliberate effort to slow down and enjoy life. So should we, especially on vacation.

​This is ​the reason to work​ with professionals ​​:

We do all the ​worrying while you simply relax and enjoy.

​​With the Internet these days, you "could," in theory, plan a trip to Italy yourself. Besides being a lot of work, you could easily make several planning mistakes along the way costing you time, money, and worst of all, enjoyment. That would be a real shame, and we won't let it happen to you.

​Just a few of the reasons to travel with me...

​Charming Hotels

​I have hand-selected the hotels to ​showcase the best of Italian hospitality, in prime locations, so ​you'll feel the warm Italian ambiance at every moment of your stay. 

​Authentic Cuisine

​​If you don't experience the genuine, local specialties, then you haven't experienced Italy. ​I have made an extra effort to ensure that every meal represents the authentic cu​cina

​Professional Guides

​​The reason to tour with professionals is that you're assured​ you won't miss out on any of the wonderful moments that you've dreamed about vacationing in Italy. ​

​SO... What is the "​Best" of Italy?

Italy is many things, but it's most famous for both the ancient capital, ​in all its majestic splendor; and the sun-kissed coastline villages where they celebrate great meals, relaxed strolls, and "the sweetness of doing nothing​."

In my experience THIS is how you see these two contrasting yet complimentary sides of Italy's charming personality. I'm not sure you can fully appreciate one without the other.

And I've Already Done All of the Work for You!

The hotels and drivers are all confirmed. The itinerary is a perfect balance of some spectacular sight-seeing along with the time to relax and take it all in. And of course, the best of local food and wine all along the way.

And customer service? I will personally be there with you every step of the way. No, I'm not the trip leader or a tour guide. I leave that to the Italian professionals that have devoted their lives to sharing the riches of their country and culture. Rather, I am your host, there to facilitate the best possible travel experience, and I'll address any questions ON THE SPOT in real time.



This is a small group tour (6 - 12 Italy lovers) to experience the full spectrum of Italy's charms! There are just enough fellow travelers to foster camaraderie without getting lost in a crowd.

If you ever dreamed of a perfect Italian vacation, this is it! The itinerary features my hand-selected sites based on years of personal experience. The sites that I've chosen are a nice mix of "must-see highlights” along with some lesser known hidden gems.

And while this is not exclusively a “Food Tour," there has been an added emphasis placed on the authentic cuisine and wine of the regions. This is a crucial part of understanding Italy, its history, its people, and its culture. 

​This is the trip that I personally want to take!

​Quite honestly, this tour is the culmination of YEARS of research​ and contemplation​. After much ​trial and error to fit ​the pieces together perfectly, I came up with the ​step-by-step roadmap for the trip that I personally want to take. 

Really, that was my criteria: if I were only able to travel to Italy ONCE in my life, what would I want to see, do, and eat?

​This is not “adventure” travel—at least not in the physical sense.  If you enjoy walking a bit, then that’s all the fitness you’ll need. Rather, this will be a "cultural and sensory adventure" that will leave a lasting impression in your memory.

Rick's Rome to the Amalfi Coast Tour

September 26 - October 4, 2020

​From ​the Capital City of an Ancient Empire...

​The entire historical center of Rome is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the ancient city, to the modern wonders, ​​I'll make sure that you get a taste of all Rome's layers of history and culture, while also giving you enough time and space for your own discoveries. 

​​...to the Tranquil Bliss of the Mediterranean ​Coast.

​This is the part of Italy that ​conjures our fantasies of sunny weather and friendly people along with the soundtrack of those classic Italian folk songs. This is where pizza was invented and where coffee was perfected. Incredible seafood, limoncello... and ​just look at that view!

​Some Highlights of the Tour:


​3 Nights in Rome + 5 Nights in Sorrento.  A total of 9 Days & 8 Nights (departing the US on Friday and returning on Sunday). This tour begins and ends in Rome​, which will give you more options for booking your flights. 


Meals included: all buffet breakfasts, 5 lunches, ​7 dinners. That means that you'll have time to do some exploring on your own, as well. We're happy to give you some direction, or you can just wander and discover your own hidden gems!


​Dedicated tour leader (a native Italian professional) and host (that's me!) for the entire trip. Private Walking Tours by locally licensed, highly knowledgeable, English-speaking City Guides​. Private Transportation in air-conditioned Mercedes vans​.


Taxes ​are Fees are INCLUDED in the price are all local VAT taxes and government fees, ​city ​taxes, gasoline, highway tolls, city access licenses and permits, and parking fees. Staff​ and restaurant tips are included, as well.

What people are saying...



​We had the pleasure to work with Rick last season and we really appreciated his great professionalism!



​Working with Rick was a great experience from beginning to end. The channels of communication remained wide open throughout


​Local Knowledge

​Rick really knows Rome. Not just "what to see," but where to eat, when to go, all of the little hidden spots around the city. 

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P.S.​  ​You will always get the best rate when you book early. This goes for our tours as well as with the airlines. Travel insurance is always a good idea in case you have a major change in plans before or during your trip. By booking early and purchasing insurance, you guarantee that you'll have a stress-free vacation!

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Meet ​Rick Zullo

​Rick Zullo is an Italy travel expert, having lived in Rome for many years along with many vacations in The Bel Paese throughout his life. He has an extensive network of contacts all around the country, including local guides, cooking schools, and boutique hotels. His expertise will ensure that your dream vacation is everything you’d want it to be … and more!

​If You Only Take One or Two Trips to Italy in Your Life, THIS Is the One You Want to Take!

​I’ve heard some heart-breaking stories about folks who looked forward to a vacation in Italy their whole lives, only to be disappointed when then finally made the trip. So what went wrong? Well, it wasn’t “Italy’s” fault. It was poor planning or a bad choice in tour operators.

While the Internet gives us access to endless information, it doesn’t mean that everything you read is accurate or honest. What’s more, “information” isn’t the same thing as knowledge.

​In Italy, Perhaps Like No Other Place, Local Knowledge Makes All the Difference

​Why take a risk? Why make a potential mistake wasting time and money on something that turns out to be disappointing? I have local experts along every point of the tour that KNOW their city and their niche, whether it be food, wine, art, history or cultural in general. Furthermore, I will be there with you, too, to make sure that your questions are answered and your needs are met.

T​here's Really No Comparison...

​When you look at the options side-by-side, the choice is obvious.

​My Tours

  • ​Small groups, no more than 12, which fosters friendship and ​camaraderie.
  • ​Hand selected boutique accommodations in great locations.
  • ​English-speaking local experts passionate about sharing their knowledge.
  • ​A balanced itinerary with time and space for your own explorations.
  • Dine in small, family-owned osterie. Local dishes in an intimate setting.

​Their Tours

  • ​Large groups on large buses where you’re just one in the crowd.
  • Charmless hotels associated with large chains.
  • ​Group leaders who are ​forced to shout over the crowd or talk​ into a microphone.
  • ​A rigid checklist of bouncing from site to site with little or no freedom.
  • Eat at large restaurants that cater to tourists.


​You will not feel like you're on a tour, but rather, like you're traveling with a small group of friends. Enjoy the local lifestyle, traditions, regional food, and historical gems with expert Italian guides.

My tours are tailored for those who want to be part of the culture as an insider and still have plenty of free time to get to know Italy in a more authentic, relaxed way.

​​What Are You Waiting For?

​​​Do NOT Put Off That Dream Vacation (AGAIN) Until "Next Year!"


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