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OK, so you’re dreaming about a vacation to Italy; probably someplace away from the tourist crowds, right? I often hear people say that they want to get off the beaten path and find that undiscovered Tuscan hill town, or the lost seaside village in Sicily. It does sound lovely, doesn’t?

The problem is, the “real” Italy doesn’t speak English.

And anyway, why would you want it to? The language matters; it’s tightly interwoven within the cultural identity. Translated words can help you communicate information, but they can’t touch the deeper sentiments necessary to truly connect with a place and its people.

Well, if you’ve found your way to my website, then I can safely assume that you’re a curious traveler, and NOT just a tourist who watches the scenery pass by from the inside of a tour bus.

Good, then we’re on the same page and you’re also aware that your trip to Italy will be much, MUCH richer if you can speak the local language.

Oh sure, if you go to a restaurant in the very tourist heart of Rome, Florence, or Venice, you’ll find some waiters who speak a passable English. But where’s the fun in that? And by the way, once you step off that beaten path that I mentioned, good luck finding someone who speaks English.

Rick Zullo

In fact, I once put myself in a position where I was completely lost in a small Umbrian village with no way of explaining my problem to the people around me. I wasted an entire day of my precious vacation just getting from the train station to the hotel, when it should have taken about 15-20 minutes.

Frustrating, to say the least, and nearly enough for me to forsake Italy forever.

But instead, thankfully, that episode is what motivated me to finally learn to speak Italian. The next time I returned to Italy, it was an entirely different experience. Now I’m “in love” and it’s because I’m able to understand the country through its own language.

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Learning a language takes years, right?

It used to, but not anymore.

Historically, learning a new language has been slow and difficult, especially when you’re not currently living in a country where that language is spoken. Well, things certainly have changed in that regard over the past 5-10 years. No, I won’t say that it’s now “fast and easy,” but it IS much faster and easier that it has ever been.

rocketscreenshotThe secret, of course, is technology. We have tools at our disposal these days that just weren’t available ten years ago. And that’s great news.

The tool that I use is called Rocket Italian, and it has accelerated my knowledge of the language much faster than anything that I’ve ever tried in the past.

How fast, exactly? Well, it took me about three months to go from zero to functional, where I could get by in any practical situation. Full fluency took longer, but my three months spent using the software is what I needed to really immerse myself in the culture—even though I wasn’t IN Italy at the time.

Advantages of Rocket Italian over other methods

When you actually compare learning methods side by side, it’s a wonder that anybody would choose classes, a workbook, or audio lessons. Those are great supplements, but as a primary method, they all fail.

Here’s just a few of the benefits that Rocket Italian offers:

  • A proven structure instead of random lessons that often don’t correlate to each other.
  • Practice on your own schedule. Pick a time when you’re feeling motivated, and never worry about missing a lesson due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Practice at your own speed. Not possible in a classroom, because all students learn at a different pace.
  • Incorporate all forms of communication: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Tie them all together for continuity and unity.
  • Take it with you on the go. Your “classroom” is wherever you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. NO excuses for missing a lesson!
  • The software makes it fun with games, quizzes, and multimedia.

Learn Italian fast, save money, get results

Listen, I’ve tried literally every other method, from books, to CDs, to private lessons, to university courses. Those other resources have their individual merits, but if you want to be able to actually use the language FAST, then Rocket Italian software is by far the best way to get you there.

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By the way, I’m here for you, too. If you have any questions about the program that their support staff can’t answer for you, just drop me an email. I’m happy to offer my advice and experience.

Just imagine, the next time that you visit Italy, you’ll be able to walk up to an Italian person and say, “Quanto mi piace il tuo paese!” How much I enjoy your country!

It’s the difference between “seeing” Italy, and “experiencing” it.  Ciao!

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