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FCI 030 – Coastal Italy Hotspots with Gillian McGuire

By Rick

January 11, 2016

Coastal Italy Hotspots Those of you suffering the mid-winter blues amid the frigid cities of North America might not like me and my podcast guest today. This conversation took place poolside on a warm day on the Sicilian island of Vulcano, chilled glasses of crisp white wine in hand. The smoldering black volcano in the background set against the blinding blue of the Mediterranean sky. We were reclined on comfy lounge chairs pondering how the other half spends a typical Tuesday afternoon in early October.

I was there with Gillian McGuire and seven or eight other bloggers on what turned out to be an ill-fated odyssey to the Aeolian Islands. Our escapade resembled something between an episode of Lost and the misadventures of Gilligan. However, the camaraderie of our fearless crew made it the best blog tour that I’ve ever been a part of, in some twisted way.

In any case, Gillian was right at home in this locale, one of the coastal Italy hotspots that should be on the bucket list of any self-proclaimed Italo-phile. She even has a friend living on Lipari who helped salvage our plans when we were all but abandoned by our official hosts. (In Sicily, friends with connections are much more useful than the local tourist board. Unfortunately.)

Coastal Italy Hotspots

Frontone I Ponza I Gillian Longworth McGuireWithout a doubt, one of the most appealing characteristics of Italy is its diversity. From its fashionable cities, to its quaint hill towns, to seaside destinations. It really has it all—something for every taste.

In case you haven’t already guessed, Gillian’s tastes favor beaches, islands, and small fishing villages along Italy’s west coast. Among her friends and fellow bloggers, she’s “the beach girl.” In fact, she shares her favorite coastal experiences in two guidebooks that she’s written; Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials, and Ponza Travel Essentials Guide. If you’re considering either of these balmy destinations as you sit there shivering in your flannel pajamas, then these two books should be your blueprint for planning your vacation.

In this podcast episode, Gillian expounds on some of her practical suggestions for visiting these areas based her years of (*a-hem*) grueling research. She recommends a few places that I’ve never even heard of, and offers advice for moving about along the coastline. (Hint: It’s NOT by Vespa!)

Maiori I www.gillianslists.com

Gillian McGuire

Gillian is a Rome-based blogger, eBook writer, information curator, traveler, coffee and cocktail drinker. Her friends call her “The Source” and she is your go-to girl for the best information on just about anything in The Eternal City, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and the island of Ponza.

Photo Credit- Erica Firpo
Photo Credit- Erica Firpo

I should also mention that she really knows her food and wine, and a few years ago she contributed the Amalfi Coast section to my little restaurant guide, Our Favorite Restaurants in Italy.

Once again, I’d like to give a big GRAZIE to Gillian for being on my podcast today, and sharing her considerable knowledge on the best coastal destinations in Italy. If you’re planning a trip to this area—or even just dreaming of one—check out her blog, Gillian’s Lists, as well as her eBooks for the very best information on this popular vacation area.

Click the link to check out other episodes and see my list of the best podcasts about Italy.

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  • did pilgrim walk Benevento to Monte SantʼAngelo past September..then bus to Brindisi ( Saint Nicholas – aka Santa Claus buried there..or at least parts of him)..going back soon.. South East coast Wow and laid back – very “old” italian – and so much history…enjoy all your blogs!

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