The FREE "Crash Course" for Speaking Italian

Ciao! For those of you that I haven't "virtually" met online already, my name is Rick and I’m an American living in Rome. I write a popular blog about life in Italy as an expat—never a dull moment, I promise!

In the course of my expat journey, I’ve picked up a few “hacks” for learning the Italian language, and I’d like to share them with you.

Obviously, one can’t learn an entire language in a week or two. But you can learn enough to enrich your travel experience, or ignite your enthusiasm onto bigger and better goals--which  is exactly what I’d like to do with my “short and sweet” email course.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn:

  • I'll show you a few simple tricks that will give you more vocabulary than you thought you knew by recognizing prefixes and suffixes and their English equivalent.
  • Tips on pronunciation. This is actually quite easy, as there are only 7 vowel sounds in Italian, whereas there 20-44 in English (depending who you ask).
  • Advice on customs and etiquette when speaking with an Italian person.

So go ahead and sign up. It’s FREE and so there’s nothing to risk.  Learning Italian inspired me to change my life completely by relocating to Rome.  That’s an extreme example, but a more universal sentiment can be  expressed in the old proverb that says:

“Learn a new language, and gain a new soul.”

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