February 4


Best Italy Blogs for 2015

By Rick

February 4, 2015

best italy blogs for 2015Improbably, my blog has once again stumbled its way onto Italy Magazine’s prestigious list of best Italy blogs. I had thought last year’s win was a fluke, perhaps some glitch in the voting system that allowed my mother to vote multiple times per hour. Alas, it seems that some folks actually like what I have to say about life in the Bel Paese.

As cliché as it sounds, I must affirm what a great honor it is to be recognized for writing about my favorite subject, and having my blog included among such a talented list of fellow bloggers. I have met most of them either in person or online, and I can honestly say that I read and enjoy all of their blogs. Everyone of us has a different take on our individual relationships with this unknowable, irresistible country that overflows with beauty, tragedy, passion, and mystery.

What is it about Italy?

If you search online, you’ll quickly discover that no other country in the world (not even the big, bad, U.S. of A.) has so many travel blogs dedicated to it. This proves that Italy is not only appealing as a travel destination, but perhaps it’s also as addictive as an unsolvable riddle. I speak for myself, of course, but blogging about life in Italy started as a way to sort it all out. We think we know about it, but the more you learn, the more you realize how clueless you’ve always been. And it’s not just the language, or the complex history, or the pretzel logic of the bureaucracy (you knew I was going to say it). But tasks as seemingly simple as ordering a coffee provide endless fodder for humiliation and scorn. I’m a glutton for this type of punishment.

This is actually a wonderful thing for all of us Italy bloggers. We will NEVER run out of interesting topics to write about. So that’s what I’ll keep doing as long people keep reading and enjoying my take on this endlessly rich country. I’ve still got a lot more to say.

Grazie for all the support!



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Living in the Caput Mundi and trying to decipher Italian culture for the English speaking world.

    • I’ll try, but there are so many good blogs this year. There were great ones later year, too, but this year the number of great blogs doubled!

  • Bravo, Riccardo! No stuffing the ballot box required–simply your subject matter, writing style, humor and personality got you nominated again this year. I look forward to more greats on “Rick’s Rome”……

    • Hey Georgette, thanks so much. And if I can be completely frank, I think we’re all glad that your blog is disqualified. 🙂 Nobody else would stand a chance!

  • Have enjo yed reading. Want to come live in Italy. But selecting where is the question as a retired American woman. Have always owrked but want to take a slower pace and enjoy surroundings. Rome was great for five weeks last year but I may need a smaller community. Suggestions are welcome. [email protected] or here.

    • Hi Jane, I’ll post the reply here in case others have similar questions. It’s a tough question, actually, because it can hard to find a balance between “quiet” and “boring.” And sometimes people who seek out a quintessential Italian experience are eventually disappointed when they find it. By that, I mean what at first appears charming sooner or later becomes annoying.

      Choosing a vacation destination is one thing, and I love to visit Sicily. But for long-term livability, I’d seek out a medium-sized city in the North. Some random examples; Verona, Parma, Padua, Pistoia, or Lucca. All of these are options worth exploring. What you give up in those cities, though, is weather. In this Floridian’s opinion, from November to March, they’re miserable. So that’s the trade off, but probably worth it.

      Hope that helps!

      • Living in Sicily since several years (and it’s not an easy life) I would suggest also Trento and Treviso.
        Best regards from the sunniest (and ever so hot and humid) island of the Mediterranean, Sabine

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