From an Organic Farm in Paciano 

A preview of quintessential Italian pastoral bliss.

Why you’ll love Alina's Kitchen

Something good is always cooking in her kitchen. The ingredients are brought in from her own farm, and then she starts working the magic, turning simple recipes into works of culinary art. 

cooking school at organic farm in umbria

Alina, hard at work!

cooking at fontanaro

In my dreams...

The Ambiance

The food isn't the only thing that's "delicious" at Il Fontanaro. The scenery is a feast for the eyes. 

What's more, the relaxed ambiance let's you slow down and enjoy the best of country living in Italy the way it was meant to be experienced.

Country Slow Living, the Italian Way

During the early summer of 2014, I spent about 40 days “on the road” in Italy, descending the entire peninsula from North to South. I started in Lake Como and ended in Palermo, Sicily, tasting my way through this culinary wonderland.

About ten days into my journey, I arrived at Il Fontanaro Organic farm in Paciano, on the border of Tuscany and Umbria. I was already a bit road-weary at that point of the trip, but the owner, Alina, greeted me warmly with plenty wine and pasta.

That meal was a fabulous blur, and after a good night’s sleep, I woke the next morning to a splendid sunrise and the full panorama of Il Fontanaro’s glory. The front door of my villa spilled out onto a rolling, green countryside, like every postcard you’ve seen of rustic Italian bliss.

Alina greeted me again (this time with coffee and fresh pastries from her kitchen), and we took a lazy stroll around the property as she explained the workings of her organic farm. I had all kinds of questions. What exactly does it really mean to be “organic” anyway? And who verifies this? Is organic ALWAYS healthier? Are most Italian products these days organic?

One could almost be forgiven for overlooking these details, given the entire country’s reputation for culinary excellence. But no, the more that I learned about the importance of organic farming and seasonal, local ingredients, the more became aware that many Italian producers, restaurants and foodie destinations in Italy use their culture’s exalted reputation to take advantage of less-informed tourists.

At Fontanaro, they don’t just “talk the talk.” They live it every day. It’s part of their history, and indeed the food and the recipes are part of their family.

Alina and I formed a friendship, and we’ve been in touch ever since. And so it didn’t take much coaxing to get her to share her recipes with me. Food is meant to be shared, after all, and the more people that you welcome to your table, the richer you become.It’s with this spirit that I offer this free eBook to you. I strongly believe in the Italian philosophy, which embraces good food and good friends, making for a happier, healthier life. Alla vostra salute!

The Recipes

The best Italian cuisine starts with high-quality primary ingredients. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organic vegetables, and homemade pasta. Don't compromise!

My Highest Recommendation...

Shane Melaugh

If you’re planning a trip to Italy and want to truly experience the culture beyond the historic monuments and famous art, plan some time to slow down and reconnect with a more natural pace of life. Stop by and say “ciao” to Alina at Il Fontanaro. She’ll welcome you with something delicious from her organic farm. And by the end of the meal, you’ll be part of the family, too."

Rick Zullo


06060 Paciano, Province of Perugia, Italy
+ 39 338 7338869